Monday, 15 July 2013

Doctor Who: 50 Years of Humanism

Art by Andy Lambert. All credit for this picture goes to him :)
 I thought I'd do a little update of the blog just to share this video: 

Now, just a little comment with regard to the video - I'm not a 100% humanist. I consider myself more of an agnostic, for reasons that actually one could argue via some of the quotes used in this video - you just don't know. There is no 100% certainty. Plus, doing A Level Religious Studies has opened my mind to all sorts of philosophies and religious belief systems beyond the basic label of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, you name it. (But that's another story.)
But regardless of my actual beliefs, this video is truly beautiful, and uses my favourite show to show off the best of humanity. 

I don't know if I would consider myself a fully-blown humanist because I wouldn't say categorically that I don't believe there's a God. 

However, what I do most definitely believe in, which is I think rather a large part of humanism, is the brilliance, in all of our intricacies and curiosities and kindness and imperfections, that there is in humanity.

And that, dear reader, is what I feel is brilliantly represented by this video. It shows off how good Doctor Who as a programme is at representing it, too. 

Hope you enjoy/have enjoyed the video. Look out for some more posts soon! :)

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