Sunday, 29 June 2014

The 'Last' Day at Ashcroft...

Okay, so the thing about calling it the 'last' day is that it's a bit of a misnomer - we've still got exams ahead and many of us are still going to be going in to school to revise in the run up to them.

Nevertheless, Friday 16th May 2014 was the last day you would have virtually the entire of our year group in one place, and the last day we were sort of obliged to be there. We therefore marked the occasion in style ;)

Back-track a bit. So, for this last day, we were told not to come in before 11.00am. Maybe it was to minimise disruption of school decorum. Maybe it was so the teachers had time to ready everything. Who knows - but most of us were rather grateful for the lie-in.

Or at least, the opportunity for one... after my first chance to be able to stay in bed for a bit longer on a weekday in aaaaaaages, I ended up waking up at 6.00am anyway, unable to get back to sleep. Ho-hum.

I then also had to spend a good few hours waiting around at home doing not-much. To be fair, I was just ready and raring to go - I was excited! It was the chance to be in fancy dress - and I was particularly pleased with my choice of character....

I got on the bus, hat and coat in my bag. (While as I'm sure won't surprise you, I've no shame in wandering around London in a ridiculous costume, my mother quite rightly pointed out that in the day's heat I didn't want to be wearing the coat when it wasn't necessary, and the hat was liable to be taken off my head by some passerby for a laugh). At the bus stop, I ran into Oumesh, my old friend from Sellincourt Primary School, who joined Ashcroft for Sixth Form in Year 12.

As I sat on the bus, making this journey into Wandsworth for what would be my last proper day at school, it felt very fitting that I was making that journey with a friend who I'd known for so many years :)

Fast forward a little more to arriving at school. I met Michael on the hill, who had gone and bought himself a ninja costume along the way - and was coming to the realisation that the amount of black he'd be wearing would cause him to roast (admittedly, I'd be wearing black too, but I had considered this in advance).

Some people were already present in their costumes. Chris in his camouflage morph suit, Philippa as Trinity from The Matrix and Joseph Ruff as "Joseph Ruff-Holding-A-Plant".

Only trouble was - Mÿca (Thing 2) had the white face paint (the plan was to share it between Things 1, 2 and The Cat). So, me (The Cat) and Monet (Thing 1) were left face paint-less for the first part of the morning. Naturally I was concerned - a Cat In The Hat costume without the face paint (or at least, one thrown together in the manner I had done so) looked more like a magician with a stripy top hat than one of the most famous of Dr Seuss' creations. 

The buffet was laid out at 11.00. The Leaver's Assembly was due to start at 11.50. As the clock ticked on, I did begin to get more and more nervous - I knew, obviously, that Mÿca, Cathie and Nicole would be there - but at what time was beginning to be anyone's guess. Eventually, I sent Mÿca a text:

Context: Esther was also dressed as The Cat In The Hat. She had used eye liner for the whiskers. We were planning to do the same when Mÿca got there for mine. If face paint wasn't gonna be available in time, I thought borrowing Esther's eye liner to draw on some whiskers might be an option. 

Yes, out of context it is a lot funnier.

Anyway, shortly after I sent the text, Nicole, Cathie and Mÿca arrived in full costume, looking fantastic, and I hastily borrowed the face paint and some eye liner, before returning looking like this:

Much better. ;)

We then headed to LRC 1, where we were to have our final little presentation from Mr Roberts and Ms Graves.

Mr Roberts' part of the presentation was much more serious (no surprises there), but surprisingly heartfelt in places, and very honest and open.

Ms Graves' presentation was naturally more fun, and included a few notable blasts from the past - photos of our first days in the school back in 2007, mostly (with the odd one from when we were in Year 10, for those who joined the school that bit later) :P

Finally, there was a video that Anjimae had compiled from various people's goodbye messages, and Mr Roberts presented a few awards to a few students - Monet, Deborah, Steven and Shamim. Monet and Deborah even had their awards presented to them by their primary school teachers, and I have to say, though they weren't my teachers, my eyes were glistening at the kind gesture on the school's part.

We then headed off back to G Block to pick up our things, stopping for photos with each other and the odd member of staff, before going for a lovely picnic in Wandsworth Park.

All in all, it was a great last day, and it was lovely to be sat with everyone enjoying the sunshine - and I was very glad people got so much into the spirit of things dressing up.

Now all that remained was for us to do our exams...


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